Sunday, 22 March 2009

Nuraida, the bitchy girl ever

she is one of worker at Kiosk nescaf"e just like me. She take me ride to Tasik Cempaka, huhu, i'm just a victim here...she so sad that time, as a gentleman what should i do right? haha, but it's fun.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

what a beautiful creation of Allah S.W.T.

Industrial training

in april, i will go to do some industrial training. n what i wan to say right here right now is that i got same place wif my besfriend(maybe is is just me think like dat). HOHO...even think of that make me shiver, u know y? that's becoz she's a way to smart compare to me, she's my catalyze.

and the other thing is where will i stay? for cases like this i'm suck. huhu, then mybe i will ash her to find rented house for me. wishes she will hep me.

let's start it all over

right here, right now.
we separated by the human nature, always forgotten what has passed. Will our sweet memory will disappear cause by time flow? then, it's will happen when do nothing about it. Even this blog already lifted, then how i supposed to make any announcement about meting all of u.