Monday, 30 June 2008

to amar...

don't be sad do the best!!!!!!
holiday is nothing...... ur exam be the most important.....ok.....

Sunday, 29 June 2008

to amar.....



Well when you go
Don't ever think I'll make you try to stay
And maybe when you get back
I'll be off to find another way

When after all this time that you still owe
You're still, the good-for-nothing I don't know
So take your gloves and get out
Better get out
While you can

When you go
Would you even turn to say
"I don't love you
Like I did

Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading
So sick and tired of all the needless beating
But baby when they knock you
Down and out
It's where you oughta stay

And after all the blood that you still owe
Another dollar's just another blow

So fix your eyes and get up
Better get up
While you can
Whoa, whooa

When you go
Would you even turn to say
"I don't love you
Like I did

Well come on, come on

When you go
Would you have the guts to say
"I don't love you
Like I loved you

I don't love you
Like I loved you

I don't love you
Like I loved you

What wrong with alI of you rrr...

What wrong with alL of you rrr...
what miss-miss rrr...
what the meaning of happy holiday for you rrr..huh!!!!
what upppsssss...hahhaa...
sorry for my word ea..
actually i dont have my happy holiday..huhu..
NO holidays..
NO mom's food..
NO over sleep..
NO...NO..NO everthing...
i have my postpone's paper this monday..
all of you will wish me luck kkk...huuhuh..
i always have a bad day... :(
I DONT LOVE YOU..HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Special for Asri….. please read…

For your information, before that I wrote like this but I can’t sent.. it’s for me so tired but never maid for you and what I promise I must do it… you remember about smoking? May be you don’t remember, that right?

If you want more information about that you can refers newspaper ‘Mingguan Malaysia’ May 23, 2008. I want ask you something and I hope you reply my question…. What do you feeling when you smoking? Best? Syok? Or you feel you are strong? But actually you want kill me…. or somebody who..

Asri, you give reason why government not ban cigarette. Why government want take it as a income…. For me that government ‘puyer pasal r’ why? Why I say that because it more important thing is YOU!!!! Try you thinking, can get effect from that is YOU not government or somebody who… one day if you will be sick who will be suffer? You!!!! You know??... I agree with you.. government wrong because take it as a income until forever I still disagree what reason the government can give for me…..

You ever said you are poor…because that you do it part-time work. I know of course you tired but I still don’t understand why you still waste your money with buy cigarette? I think it’s better your money you spent for go back hometown…sabah or spent for your future life like your weeding… As you know ‘hantaran’ now very expensive.. xpun you ‘belanja kteorg makan’ it’s more better than you buy cigarette….

Asri, I just says but that all it’s up to you if you can’t you will know what happened….
I hope you have awareness and I always pray is better what you want in life…..

Asri, It may be that you hate something when it is good for you and it may be that you love something when it is bad for you.allah knows and you do not know. (surah al-baqara:216)

Thanks a lot for your attention………
May Allah bless you, ASRI.

Special for Asri….. please read…

For your information, before that I wrote like this but I can’t sent.. it’s for me so tired but never maid for you and what I promise I must do it… you remember about smoking? May be you don’t remember, that right?

If you want more information about that you can refers newspaper ‘Mingguan Malaysia’ May 23, 2008. I want ask you something and I hope you reply my question…. What do you feeling when you smoking? Best? Syok? Or you feel you are strong? But actually you want kill me…. or somebody who..

Asri, you give reason why government not ban cigarette. Why government want take it as a income…. For me that government ‘puyer pasal r’ why? Why I say that because it more important thing is YOU!!!! Try you thinking, can get effect from that is YOU not government or somebody who… one day if you will be sick who will be suffer? You!!!! You know??... I agree with you.. government wrong because take it as a income until forever I still disagree what reason the government can give for me…..

You ever said you are poor…because that you do it part-time work. I know of course you tired but I still don’t understand why you still waste your money with buy cigarette? I think it’s better your money you spent for go back hometown…sabah or spent for your future life like your weeding… As you know ‘hantaran’ now very expensive.. xpun you ‘belanja kteorg makan’ it’s more better than you buy cigarette….

Asri, I just says but that all it’s up to you if you can’t you will know what happened….
I hope you have awareness and I always pray is better what you want in life…..

Asri, It may be that you hate something when it is good for you and it may be that you love something when it is bad for you.allah knows and you do not know. (surah al-baqara:216)

Thanks a lot for your attention………
May Allah bless you, ASRI.

Friday, 27 June 2008

MIss U

Why don't anybody enter this blog anymore???wa.....i miss u all...

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

to my leader............

actually nazri u are good leader!!!!....
thanks for being my leader u are also good friend.......!!!!
i so glad to be your friend!!!! i hope u also like that hihihi.......
i feel sorry if i got mistake for u..... or hurt your feeling!!!!.....
i hope we will be friend forever!!!!!....... our body are separated...but, i still hopping our soul still together it to much that i want? Hem...i hope all of u still updating this blog for our good sake...all yeah!!!!



Teachers come and go
but every so often one comes along
that you'll always remember
one who makes learning an adventure...
and who can still remember
what it's like to be young
and growing up...
the kind who can make you
want to be the very best you can be...
Someone you can really talk to,
who really cares
what happens to you...
That person is YOU!


Tuesday, 24 June 2008

why nobody comment my project.......????

i so sad..... i'm so tired you know.. first time i learn about movie maker.......
i hope somebody will be comment after this..... i do it this have a problem..
only sa'adah want to help me you all can't support me..huhu....
so, after this i do not want make any to you all...

thanks miss.....

because you ask my i right? miss, i yesterday i had paid RM10 although i think is so cheap but i do not like.....
miss, i miss you.. when else i can meet you....... miss, i always remember you forever.. for your information, first time i think i learn English language i am so happy, enjoyed and also very close to you and all my friends. before that, when i learn i feel fear... emm.. so bore.......
and for more important i think i don't understand something then i feel.... but now i am very excited know about English everyday i want know about English.
Thanks miss...

i hope one day i can fluent English..... like you..


hey guys.........
i now in my home....i so happy about it.....
fieda how could u go back fist...huhuhuhuhu.....
u make me so sad...huhuhuu.....hihihii..
what ever pon... i already in my home....... if u have a time come to my home bring ur mother also hihihi.........

to all my friends... have a greet holidays... even have only 2 week hihihihi....

Monday, 23 June 2008


DON'T FORGET...... what happened in our foundation's class...
you all must rEMEMBEr our MEMOrIES tOGETHEr......i hope..God wiil blessed our relationships in our classes....and never forget that's..

about our drama....

I missed all about our practice..... i loved you all and I'm also going to missed you all....miss you guys!!!!!,......i can't forget about our drama... likes..the animals, tree, tarzan, cannibals, five friends, ...and bla..bla..


stupid tree....!!!!

miss you all..!!!!

that's you LUQMAN HAKEEM???????OH... YOU make our group worry about you...
i think you lost....thanks god....finally, we found LUQMAN HAKEEM back...because yesterday he lost in our group....hahahaha....

wei...i already miss u all...especially miss u all...hope all of u still use this blog as our connection (miss also) all the gurls in our u all...huhuhhu...first time in my life fell so comfortable with english you miss hafsa...


miss, now i so happy because i with together my family my cat hehe....
i come back my hometown...
you know, today is so terrible for me......huhu..
it is because last minute my key lost then i must pay as a fine
i'm very tired for found my key.. i can't found.....
after that, i pay jer r...

sorry miss i write my story.... i think this blog like a my diary...
so you all become a loyal reader..

miss, i hope miss can ask my question...
'miss look this blog after this night?' please reply miss.....

GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







to all of my friend set 39............

I'm just want to say good luck for our exam today............hihihihihi

do the best.....don't be sleep ok?????????????kihkihkih..

and don't be selfish.........if you know the right answer...remember that you must give to me.................


just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok all the best..........

hai guy...........

I think not too late to say congrate to all of you about our drama's winner......................

i'm so happy because we are the champion..........

"we are the champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

although the present no so nice but.................i'm still happy.........

you know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what??????????????????????????????????????

you don't know????????????hahahahahhahahaha......

OK FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hihihihihihi....

ok byeeeee........see you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exercise Pronoun


1) Won't you give him a second chance?
2) I still talk to him even though he acted strangely towards me.
3) Where have you put them?
4) They gave me a present?
5) I went to visit them but they weren't in
6) Can you find us a table near the window please?
7) He always gets angry with her when she is absent.

the answer.........

subject pronouns: you,I,he,she,they
object pronouns: him,me,us,her,you,them
possessive adjective: her
possessive pronouns: her


the answer.........

I: refer to the owner of missing book
it's : refer to the book
they : refer to the owner's roomates
hers : refer to Siti
she : refer to Miriam
she ; refer to Nita
he : refer to Nita's brother
they : refer to Nita and her brother
you : refer to the owner of missing book
us : refer to Nita, Siti and Miriam
We : refer to Nita,Siti and Miriam


to miss hapsa

sorry i'm late to sent this assigment..........hihihihi

I like to live in is Seri Begawan....

I want to live in Seri Begawan, the City of Brunei because it is very interesting
and unique like in Malaysia it is an islamic country.Although, this country are small but they have a lot of oil.Besides, this country have stable in economy.Their economy is a mixture of ofreign and domestic entrepreneurship,government,regulation, welfaremeasures, and village tradition.The culture of Brunei is predomimantly malay, with heary influenses from Hirduism and islam but is seen as more conservative than Malaysia.So,i hope i can live in this country because the situasion not so diffrent like Malaysia.In addition,this country have a peace condition and very beautiful.


Teacher's ABC
A is for the Abundance of questions and yearning
B is for the Beauty I
C in your learning
D is for Doing it over til it's right
E is for the Effort you pour into learning each night
F is for watching how Far you can go
G is for watching you blossom and Grow
H is for reaching for that star so high
I is for Imagination, for the courage to try
J is for Joy in touching a child's life in a meaningful way
K is for the Kindness children bring to each day
L is for the Love of teaching we see
M is for the "Me" you're helping me to be
N is for Never being too weary to stay
O is for Overcoming the desire to stray
P is for the Positives you bring to each
Q is for showing the Quintessential way to teach
R is for the ability to power and Reason
S is for teaching to appreciate each Season
T is for Touching those that sit before you
U is for Understanding their fear of what's new
V is for the Vitality you bring to every day
W is for every Wonderment you bring their way
X is for the Xtra Special Teacher that You've become
Z is not for the Zoo! - but the wonderful job that you've done.

cannibal village

Exam tip Orkut MySpace Hi5 Scrap Images Comments and Images"> Orkut MySpace Hi5 Scrap Images Comments and Images" border="0" alt="" />
If you don't know the answer of the questions. Don't worry. I'm here specially to help you guys.

To my fellow friends

This time for study hard not the study smart anymore...Study smart time is over...don't waste your time read this post or this just wasting your time like i did...

Hem???what i'm doing???i should study not writing this nonsense post!!!what a wasting my time...don't copy me right, i'm such a bad role model...


tua gedik



To Miss Hafsa me...u will help me right? I need A+++ in this subject...can u give me that??? I will spend u "roti canai" at "maplei" if u give me that grad.


Good Luck


Sunday, 22 June 2008

especially for hafidah Orkut MySpace Hi5 Scrap Images Funny Comments"> Orkut MySpace Hi5 Scrap Images Funny Comments" border="0" alt="" />
I'm so sorry for what i've done to you. We're still friend right. But, unfortunately i can't treat you like i did. What u saw me after the tragedy is the other me, not the anger from me...I've two different personality. Like you usually saw in the class before the tragedy and the other is right after the tragedy. Don't be worry, because i'm still your freind.

from me !!!

the most selfish one letter "I" - avoid it
most satisfactory two letters "WE" - use it
most poisonous three letters "EGO" -kill it
most used four letters "LOVE" - value it
most pleasing five letters "SMILE" - keep it
fastest spreading six letters "RUMOUR" - ignore it
hardworking seven lettes "SUCCESS" -achieve it
most enviable eight letters "JEOLOUSY" - distance it
most powerful nine letters "KNOWLEDGE" - acquire it
most divine ten letters "FRIENDSHIP" - maintain it

from me !!!

the most selfish one letter "I" - avoid it
most satisfactory two letters "WE" - use it
most poisonous three letters "EGO" -kill it
most used four letters "LOVE" - value it
most pleasing five letters "SMILE" - keep it
fastest spreading six letters "RUMOUR" - ignore it
hardworking seven lettes "SUCCESS" -achieve it
most enviable eight letters "JEOLOUSY" - distance it
most powerful nine letters "KNOWLEDGE" - acquire it
most divine ten letters "FRIENDSHIP" - maintain it

from me !!!

the most selfish one letter "I" - avoid it
most satisfactory two letters "WE" - use it
most poisonous three letters "EGO" -kill it
most used four letters "LOVE" - value it
most pleasing five letters "SMILE" - keep it
fastest spreading six letters "RUMOUR" - ignore it
hardworking seven lettes "SUCCESS" -achieve it
most enviable eight letters "JEOLOUSY" - distance it
most powerful nine letters "KNOWLEDGE" - acquire it
most divine ten letters "FRIENDSHIP" - maintain it














special for DIANG and NAZREE.

just i want to say something to you....
thanks because sacrifice to our class.. hehe
especially to sponsor to present miss..

then i hope you can forgive me apart from what i wrote in blog before that..(not in blog tau)
because i think what i want to say it's right... just i know you tired..
whatever r.....

i hope you can accept me as a friends forever..

As we go on,
We remember,
All the times we,
Had together,
And as our lives change,
From whatever,
We will still be
Friends Forever...........

peach be upon......

this my new project..... before that i mistake because i'm forget to save as a movie maker i'm so sorry...
today,i'm so tired because i'm going to KL.......... i have a something to do...
edit to movie maker...
but don't worry i still remember tomorrow i have a exam...
so, for my friends when you see my project i hope you can remember sweet memories us...

but for LUQMAN i don't think so...
because i think you know want i want to say...........

lastly, i'm so sorry to you all....especially to ASRI AND LUQMAN..
and for miss sorry too..
thanks again for everything............


sweet memories with you all........

i hope you can see my work....
it's so suffering to me for two days.........

and for today don't forget exam at KB
don't late and wake up early..
i pray we us can get flying colour.....
see you tomorrow...


Thank you friend

thank to all my friend, i hope we can be the best friend not only for today but forever....
fi dunya wal akhirah....and forgive me to all my fault....

lastly i pray to all to be fine always and always.....
maa' salamah wan najah fil imtihan...

Saturday, 21 June 2008

about my project.......

today i spent a lot of time for movie maker..... but last minute my laptop 'heng' so i so sad and angry...... lost to all my document..
i think this night i can't sleep i want to finished what i want to do.........
during i do it this project it's so enjoyed and happy because i can't remember..
ohh my GOD it rain....

my projek.....

today i have made something to u all my friends....... so if u all want it pls say to me... i made a movie maker.. but cannot pblish...because too big.....huhuuu

SpEcial 4 u...ReAd Dis!!

My FrIeNds...

ThaNks A lOt WhO hElp & ChEeR Me So MucH WhIch Da NoT AlL FrIeNds Do

To OtHer FwEnDs....TQ FoR EnLighT my liFe OnCe And HoPe iTs No EnDiNg FoR a

FrieNdsHip As It is So BeAutIfUl....

Friday, 20 June 2008

Answer This Question.......

Who say English is easy? Please fill in the blank with yes or no

“........,I am a monkey”

Ermm......... you have answer for this, what can you say? YES or NO.......hahahahah (little bit confused is it)


The Khan Son Story


I want to share about my story life. Maybe some one of you don’t know about me, because we know just about two month something. Firstly I want to tell all of you about myself. My name is Hizazul Khan Bin Ibrahim Khan Bin Islam Khan Bin Hassan Khan Bin....( I actually don’t know more, hehehe). I was born in Segamat, Johor Darul Takzim and my date of birth is 6 july 1985. I has 9 sibling and I am number 7 ( 7 is my favourite number and purple is my favourite colour). Although I’m number 7 in my sibling, actually I’m very close with my mum and my dad than my others sibling, especially my younger brother and younger sister. That why I can get easier everything what I want in my life.hehehe. I love so much my parent and also my family too.

My favourite food is what my mum cook.. always I love it. Especially the ‘ ayam masak pedas, ayam masak kicap and rendang ayam. Always I eat the chicken. You know what?.. actually I not eat fish in my life..hahahahahah...not all fish, I just eat some of fish in the world..hehehe.. my dad actually very good in kitchen too. He can cook and I like it. The effect is, I also can cook very good.. yeah.. don’t jealous friends..hehehe.. In my future I hope my dream come true. I want to have my own restaurant. I want to cook and make my customer enjoy with their food. AMIN. In my free time I like reading book story,magazine, and novels. Also, I like writing ( because one of my dream is I want to be a writer) , singing, dancing, watching TV, gardening and listening music.

How about my family? wait the minute.. I think you all want to know.. why my name has a Khan, right?. Ok, my late grandfather actually from Pakistan which is under sir name of Khan. He came to Tanah Melayu or already known as Malaysia before Merdeka .that the story. hehe. My dad is actually was born in Melaka.My father is one of businessman in agriculture area. He has build cow farm by their own self and during hari raya or others ceremony, he get demand from whose interested to buy it. Alhamdulillah, now he has hundred cow in their farm and Insya-Allah one day my dad can export their cow around Malaysia and also hopefully for overseas.AMIN. My mum not work, she just take care me..hehhe, take care my family too. I love my mum and my dad in my heart, ever forever in my life.

How about my study?. SRK Melayu Raya is my standart school and my primary school ( form 1 - 5) at SMK Paduka Tuan Segamat Johor. I’m continue my study to form 6 at SMK Dato’ Bentara Dalam Segamat Johor and now I am studying Malay Language programme at National University of Malaysia. Hopefully I will successfully in my study and get the better job. Insya-Allah. AMIN.

That all my story.. thanks you..

amar be careful with this tree............
it will slap u., u know.......hihihihihihi...........................



Ehhhh....Where Sally???

Look this picture carefully.. Which one is Amar??? Matt?? Naz?? Ila??? hahaha.. ehh..Something wrong right??? Where is Sally??? wkaka..
mmm..maybe she was eaten by...eerrgghhh...TIGER!!!! hahaha..

i will miss u u all...................
remember friends forever.............
well done for all of u................
class with u all will become sweet memory for me.....
thanks a lot...........................................

last class for today..... huhu

i'm so happy today....
we enjoyed about party class..

for miss, thanks a lot and i hope you can remember me whenever and forever...

i so like to this class.
thanks for you all too.....

i sure will miss you all..
after exam i hope we still friend forever...

see you again!!!!

Ohh!......My Friends

Ermmm....2 days left before we sit for our exam..... so, I hope we can study smart in 2 days......huhuhuh.

By the way, I hope we can keep in touch in this blog........hahahahah. ermmm....maybe we can use another language like Spanish, Arabic, Javanese or whatever did you like....hahahha

O.K....see you at DK 43101KB



I hope you all do your best for your exam. I know you all can make it......I hope we can score "A" in our final exam.....hehehehe. By the way I want to say thank to Ms. Hafsa because you are the best teacher in our class......huhuhuhu

For all student set are the best!!!!

So, AIM HIGHT(2x) for our final exam.......hahahha



I hope you all do your best for tomorrow quiz and I hope you can score this quiz as well as you can........AIM HIGHT(2X)-10 mark


Thursday, 19 June 2008

About Poster Presentation....

I just want to say well done to all my friend because you all do a good job for your poster presentation.....because you all come up with a good idea, good presentation and etc...

whatever it is, I already enjoy your poster presentation.....


To all my friend.....

I just want to say congratulation to all my friend who have a good result for 2nd semester but who not have a good result...I hope you don't give up and try your best for next semester maybe you not have a good luck or lack of studies for last when start the new semester I hope you do your best for your mom, dad and yourself....because your future is in your hand!!!


This song is for all my friend.........

I just want to say CONGRATULATION to all my friend because finally we win for drama competition. So I want to give this song to all my friend because WE ARE THE CHAMPION.....

Queen - We are the champion

Ive paid my dues -
Time after time -
Ive done my sentence
But committed no crime -
And bad mistakes
Ive made a few
Ive had my share of sand kicked in my face -
But Ive come through

We are the champions - my friends
And well keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions
No time for losers
cause we are the champions - of the world -

Ive taken my bows
And my curtain calls -
You brought me fame and fortuen and everything that goes with it -
I thank you all -

But its been no bed of roses
No pleasure cruise -
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race -
And I aint gonna lose -

We are the champions - my friends
And well keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions
No time for losers
cause we are the champions - of the world -



Is there anybody out there who doesn’t want to look good and feel good? Some people seem to maintain their weight effortlessly while for others it’s uphill all the way and no diet or exercise programmes works. How to get the lose weight, cut back on eating out. We have to take a breakfast, lunch and dinner but not in stalls, shops and restaurants will generally be higher in fat and sodium content than food you cook at home. Normally people don’t want to take a breakfast but they are not really understand the breakfast is so important to give energy for us to do some works. If you can suffer dieting , surely can take a few minutes to pack a healthy sandwich or salad lunch. For a bit of luxury, stir in boiled egg, cottage cheese, olive oil, finely chopped pickled vegetable, and anything you think might taste good. As you know, there’s been a lot of fuss over the use of trans-fats like margarines, butter and unsaturated oils, but in moderation. Take a low quantity for a fat type. You can eat a snacks but do not over and just take for fun. Finally, drink lots of water. A water , not soft drinks and other liquids that contain water. Juice and soups are not too bad but water really is the best. You need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to keep your body functioning at optimum levels.




Nervous is normal that mean if you are not nervous you are not normal. What would you do if you nervous? Confidence is mostly important, like courage, happiness, sadness, strength and a host of other feelings, is something which is already built into your mind. It’s a programme which was already there since you were born. We must learn when to switch on and be confident and when to switch off and be fearful and cautions. Remember, when you doing presentetions and attending interviews, just switch on and be confident. Mention your brain that audience is human. The first step in controlling nervousness is to put it into your mind that the person in front of you has two hands and two leg just same like you. So be cool. Now, if there person in front of you were your friends, would you still be just as nervous as if you were strangers? Not likely. So make your audience with your friends and if you have a presentation, mingle and make friend with members of your audience. So, all the best in your presentation.





On World Book Day, librarians around the country was make a research and they present that ten best books. To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee, tale of a rape trial in a sleepy small town in the Deep South and this book was won the Pulitzer Prize in 1961. Next books is The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. This book is a spellbinding trilogy. The story follows the adventures of Frodo and his companions as they journey to accomplish the seemingly impossible task. Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell the story about the people are closely watching by the government and forced to listen to propaganda all day. Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is about Ebenezer Scrooge was hates Christmas and treats everyone around him especially his staff poorly. Then one Christmas the ghost of his old partner was returns from grave to haunt him. Dragging a long and heavy chain, representing his many sins and try to sends down the spirits of Christmas. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is a heart-warming story of mystery and love. Jane Eyre live with her aunt and cousins but also finally sent off to the bleaks Lowood School. She makes a best and become a teacher. Then one day she stumbles upon a mystery and a terrible tragedy that will destroy all her new-found happiness. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is story of romantic comedy that describes meeting of pride and prejudice, in the form of Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet set against the backdrop the efforts of the Bennet sisters to get married suitably and country life in England. Later we see that both the main characters are equally guilty of being proud and biased. It is a timeless piece, with the most exquisite dialogue and memorable characters. However, this is a general list for our information if you are want to read more then that is a very great.



happiness felt....

yesterday, for me is so wonderful because..
FIRSTLY, in early morning i accept a good news my result.... hehe........
i'm so happy couse my result is so better than last sem means sem 1 result....... i so excited to come back next week.. i want to celebrate with my family......
for my friends, if you get bad result it's ok you can try next exam you must study smart don't study last minute because you will be more stress and maybe what you learn before that you can't remember....
for your information during i accept the bad result once i frustrated and sad too... but when i thinking again i have do it the best never maid...... we must think from the opposite..
ALLAH know what the best for each person.............
so, don't give up.... good luck the next sem and i always to pray to you all...

, to our drama.... we are win!!!
for you all... congratulation!!!! and thanks a lot for your commitment maybe last minute....hehe..
and thanks too couse we us can co-operation.. yesterday........

to teacher.

hi miss..what are you doing this evening..i don't forget us when you finish to teach us..i m hope that we can see again.thanks for hardworking to teach us..please forgive me if make you heart was sick..heheh..lastly..may Allah bless you.

NiCe MeMorY..Set 39

As we go on

We remember

All the times we

Had together

And as our lives change

Come whatever

We will still be

Friends Forever

study skills


Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is to make you do the thing you have to do, when it a ought to be done, whether you like it or not; it is the first lesson that ought to be learned. ì Thomas HuxleyAlthough Huxley's words may ring true, the process of studying for many of us can be arduous with much mental headbanging and little reward. Others study with little discomfort while attaining success and satisfaction. They learn the class material, and, they learn it efficiently. Their secrets are simple. They have the ability to fully concentrate on their work and they have an active concrete way to identify and retain the important facts, ideas, and concepts of the study material.
Reducing distractions to learning will help you to focus and maintain your concentration. To concentrate:
1.Control your environment.
Do I have a place for study that I can call my own?A good study environment is highly individualized. What works for one person may not work for another. A place where you can study regularly and do nothing else may be the best of all possible worlds. In choosing your study place, consider the following:
  • Noise: What level of noise and what kind of noise can I tolerate? Do you need total silence, or will silence drive you up the wall? A dog barking, music playing, or people's voices in the background may interfere with your concentration. As a general rule, quieter is better, but LISTEN And decide for yourself.

  • Sight: Can I see what I am reading? Adequate lighting that covers your study materials is a must as poor lighting can cause drowsiness and headaches. Besides my study materials, what else may be in my field of vision? Posters, magazines, television, or people walking by can lure your eyes and attention away from the work at hand. Don't study near major traffic paths or in a place where the TV is on.

  • Touch: How comfortable do I want to be when I am studying? Hard chairs and cold rooms can be painfully uncomfortable, while recliners and beds may encourage you to sleep. Consider what furniture and room temperature will provide you a level of comfort that enhances your ability to concentrate.

  • Taste and Smell: Is eating while I study okay? Eating while studying can reduce your attention to your work. Contrary to popular belief, eating junk food can make you more drowsy when performing a sedentary activity like studying. It is a better idea to munch on food during a study break or after you have finished.

2.Organize your study time.

  • When is a good time to study and how should I structure thistime?

First, if you consider your daily routine, you will find that you do certain things at certain times, e.g. eat, sleep, attend classes. You may also find that there are certain parts of the day when you feel more energetic; these are the times when you learn most easily and efficiently. So, set aside designated time periods to study during those parts of your days that you are most energized and then maintain these study times on a regular basis.

  • How long should I study at one time?

He length of your designated study times should be two to three hours. Of course this amount may vary depending upon your ability and the type and difficulty of your class assignments. When you sit down to study, start with the difficult or boring classes since they require the most energy, even though you may want to give priority to those classes that most interest you.

  • How do I pace myself?

Divide class assignments into smaller parts and set time goals for each part. As a general rule, work intensely for a period of no more than fifty minutes and then take a ten minute break. Relax during these breaks with a snack, conversation, walk, etc. Using reasonable time limits in this manner will help you to organize your work and to focus your attention, while reducing the likelihood that you will feel overwhelmed.

3.Stop Daydreaming

  • How can I stop daydreaming?

Simple: Don't start! You can prevent daydreaming by identifying and reducing the sources of daydreaming. Such sources include the fear of material to be studied, unfinished activities and obligations, overlong work assignments, and long conversations just before starting to study. Learning to relax, managing your time to meet your needs and obligations, organizing your study time, and managing what you do during the time immediately preceding your designated study times are ways of increasing your ability to concentrate and to limit daydreaming. If your mind begins to wander, consider taking a short study break.

4.Be Prepared.

  • Do I have everything I need to study?

Examples of necessary study materials include course syllabi, reserved readings, books, notebooks, pencils, pens, rulers, erasers, paper, and a dictionary. Gather all your needed materials together before starting to study so that you won't be interrupted by the necessity to track down missing items. While studying, jot down things that need to be done. Once you have written them down you don't have to think about them and your study will not be disturbed.

  • Maintain a Positive Attitude.

Learn to laugh at your mistakesAlternate work with relaxationMake time for friendshipsEat a healthy dietExercise dailyTake time out for your favorite TV comedy show.

This sOng is specially dedicate for 39's members SwiM f.M

Viva Forever
Do u still remember , how we used to be
Feeling together , believe in whatever
My love has said to me
Both of us were dreamers
Young love in the sun
Felt like my saviour , my spirit i gave ya
We'd only just begun
Hasta manana , Always be mine
Viva forever , I'll be waiting
Everlasting , like the sun
Live forever , for the moment
Ever searching , for the one
Yes I still remember , every whispered word
The touch of your skin , giving life from within
Like a love song that I'd heard
Slipping through our fingers , like the sands of time
Promises made , every memory saved
Has reflections in my mind
Hasta manana , Always be mine
Viva forever , I'll be waiting
Everlasting like the sun
Live forever , for the moment
Ever searching for the one
But we're all alone now , was it just a dream
Feelings untold , they will never be sold
And the secret's safe with me
Hasta manana , Always be mine
Viva forever , I'll be waiting
Everlasting like the sun
Live forever , for the moment
Ever searching for the one

hi guys..

i just want to remained you about tomorrow..tomorrow,we have a please prepare and don't coming late at class..we start our quiz at 9.00 am.thanks

welcome to my village is around here..

Sabah is praised for unspoiled, sandy beaches bordering azure waters, untouched rainforests, some of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia and a powerful river snaking far into the interior region. A stunning expanse of well-protected surroundings draws thousands of outdoor enthusiasts for exciting river rafting, water sports, jungle treks and other adventurous pastimes but the most renowned of all activities is the challenging climb up the majestic Mount Kinabalu. Mount Kinabalu climbing surpasses every activity in the area by a long shot. It is by far the most sought after of things to do in Kota Kinabalu.
One of the reasons Mount Kinabalu mountain climbing is so popular is because climbers of all levels can get to the summit without carrying a backbreaking load of climbing gear during their Malaysia vacation. Any fairly fit person can make the Mount Kinabalu ascent successfully within two days. Mount Kinabalu mountain climbing is where you’ll get the best views of Kota Kinabalu and area as the trail climbs quickly through cloud forests laden with mist to lofty meadows and then to the end where a barren crest of grey-hued granite greets you.
In the history of Mount Kinabalu the name came about from the Kadazan words “aki nabalu” which means “the revered place of the dead.” This name echoes a local axiom that ancestor spirits linger on the summit. Every year local mountain guides carry out religious rites to assuage the spirits during Malaysia tours. The first person to ever make the ascent in the history of Mount Kinabalu was the British crown colony of Labuan’s Colonial Secretary. In 1851 Sir Hugh Low began his Mount Kinabalu climbing expedition and upon completion the peak he first mounted was named after him.


hi..i just want to say thanks and congratulation for all student at set 39 and also our cute teacher..i m so2 enjoyed about it..i know.both of our do the best for this..and finally we got success.. the end of our class..i m so2 sad..i will miss your all..i hope,we don't lost contact..for final exam..good luck and happy holiday.please don't forget me..sorry for my mistake.


To all group 39........
congratulation because group 39 very best and the winnwer for drama yesterday. Although you all have a problem, but co-operation you all for the praktice, Lastly, the winner own group 39...........

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

congratulation to all my friends who get a good result in last exam..Hope u all success in a future..Aminn..

A stupid man

A man drove to a town in his new car.He just brought the car a week before. When he reached the town, he parked his new car in front of a mini market. After he had locked his car, he took a rain coat & covered his car with it. Meanwhile, he saw a policeman standing near by. He asked the policeman to look after his car while he was a way. And hour later he came back found out that his car was not there. He asked the policeman where his car was. The policeman smiled & asked him to look under the rain coat that was lying on the ground there...Haha

One fine morning, a teacher was preparing to go to school with his son who was only seven years old. After putting his things in his car, he asked his son to take his shoes at the corridor. A few minutes later, his son came with a pair of shoes, which was black on the right & white on the left. The teacher was dissatisfied.He asked his son to take another pair of shoes on the shoeshelf. Later, his son came & brought him a pair of shoes which was nearly the same as the first one. The teacher smiled & pet his son. " Yor are too sincere, my son "..


To all my friends..I want to say congratulation because our group were the winner for dramatization today.I also to apologize if I have mistake for u all..Please forgive me k..Memory Last Forever..

Funny story The Drunken Man

A drunken man took a train from Taiping to Kuala Lumpur without buying a ticket. A few minutes later the train moved and hour later a checker came and asked him for the ticket. The drunken man loughed and asked for the checker for abet. He claimed if the checker could not solve the problem given by him, he should be allowed to go with the train without buying a ticket. The checker agreed. The drunken man started the betting. He asked the checker what the distance is from Taiping to Kuala Lumpur.After the checker had answerd his question, the drunken man asked the checker the distance from Kuala Lumpur to Taiping. The checker give him the same answer then the drunkem man louughed loudly and asked the checker what is the time lengh from Januari to Disember and from Disember to Januri. Finally the drunken man was allowed to go with the train without a ticket.Huahaha..

something about today

I think all of you of course have did know that our group is the winner today... I want to wish congratulation to all whose was did the best for our group. I am very sure that you all felt very happy right? So lets we enjoy ourself today. I saw our teacher are very happy too.. She laughed happily.. Hehehe...



To all my friend and my beautiful teacherJ..I wants to shere with you all about business.. hehe. Today every thing is the money. If we don’t have money, this life is not complete, right?. Money is very important. For get the money we must be work every day and must be hardworking. My friend, you must be memories, the fresh graduate today, don’t have guarantee to get a good job and maybe don’t get job.. I’m feel sorry, but this is the true fact. So, business can be help you to get a lot of money. If you all, interest to join business, contect meJ..0173172276@0175773237..hehe..


To all my friend, congratulation because you all did the best performance for drama.. I'm was very happy today, we all the best group and get a trofi..hehehe.. I'm so glad for that.. thanks

Happy 4 ours Drama...

Salam....erm...first of all I want to say congratulation to you all because we won the drama competition this evening... Well Done guys..
Whatever...thank you so much for especially to Diang, Asri, Lukman, Hizazul and Mat. You all always help me in drama...

I fill very enjoy for ours drama today....To you all thank you a lot for your cooperation to finish ours drama.. Which important is we learn together about drama and I hope you all give a experience about that...

To ours friend in Linguistic, Diang, Elani, Sabariah and Zaleha dont worry and please dont give up for your result. I know ours result is bad and also include me because slack at linguistic history subject.. Whatever it is...we already try the best k..hehehe...

One thing before I forget, I want to apologies one again to you all if you have a offended with me during we do the drama... Sorry guys...

Finally, we will end and finish lesson on this Friday. I hope we always contact to each others. To anybody want to contact me please add me at the below this ways....hehehe...

e-mail, friendster, myspace -
Hi5, YM -
blogger -

Thank you...


all the best to all my friends for our drama.....


don't late to coming at KB at 12.00 pm!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Somebody can tell me when our drama will start perform tomorrow? i just noticed that we will be the last group to perform our drama but i still did not know when the competition begin...does it at the morning or at the evening?? most of us still did not know..
anyway the best!
hope we can be the best among the best! yeahhh

for drama

firstly i so very-very disappointed to all of group foundation 39 because u all always late..... except hizazul khan........

for izati i already finish edit our new don't worry about it...........
i hope we done well for the drama.........

and what i want here is all my friends can accept others opinion....and don't blame each other....... because if some of our group feel bad to other person it make our teem work lose............
try to thing about other feeling.................

i am so sorry if i have any mistake.............................
i hope our group will be the champion...........


To all of my friends.......Whats up???... Actually I don't know what I have to write on our blog again... I have no idea now.. But, I must do it because I want to get more marks for these.... You also same to me right???

Very excited to go back home...

I relly excited now because next monday I will go back to my hometown.. But, I do not buy any ticket yet.. So, I feel so worry now.. Maybe I will ask my fathet to invite me here.. However, I must think again because I don't want my fathet in trouble... This is because Pahang is far away from here.. In addition, petrol is very expensive now you know.......

Study habits...

Everybody has study habits. I have too. I like to study at home. It is because I have my own place to study. I can do whatever I like in my bedroom at my home. I usually study in the mornind and at night. In the morning, there is nobody at home because my parents go to work and my other siblings go to school. At night, my parents go to sleep very quick they are very tired. I prefer to study alone. It is because I like a peace condition. If I make study group with my friends, I don't think that I can study as possible because we like to talk only. Sometimes my friends ask me to study with them also. So, I just join them because I want to take care about their feeling. In addition, I want fulfill my time too because study alone is very boring sometimes. At that time, of course I need some friends. I don't make any notes usually because I do not like to write. In a week I think I study about eight hours. At the beginning of every week I make a study plan for the whole week because it makes my works become easy actually......

summary- brain healthy

To keep our brain healthy, we must do exercises for the brain such as quizzes and puzzles. This will keep the nerve cells sharp and help to create new cells. Then, we should join clubs and social groups. We can also mix with other people by travelling or learning new skill like skiing. Exercises also are good for the brain, keep a good flow of blood and encourages new cells. Activities like climbing and playing cricket are very dangerous. Beside that, we should avoid fatty foods, eat nutritious food like fruit and take food that improve brain power like eggs.

About Sydney.....

Sydney is the most popular city in Australia with a metropolitan area population of 4.28 million people. It is located on Australia's South-east coast. Sydney has a temperate climate with warm summers and mild winters, with rainfall spread throughout the year. Alovon Beach in Sydney's north is very famous especially when hot weather in summer. In addition, there are many things to see in Sydney including a panorama of Sydney Harbour at night with the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney region has been populated by indigenous Australians for at least 30000 years.

Monday, 16 June 2008

You know where is Jerantut??

For your information I come from Jerantut Pahang.. It is a peace place where has a lot of natural panorama.. You know what I mean.. I mean a large of wood region. Jerantut has a very beautiful view.. Don't be jealous. Not like in here. Bangi not have it. Bangi has a lot of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution and others. How can we leave in a dirty place like this.. I don't know how but what I know we must face all of these although we like it or not. So, just enjoy yourselve and smile.. If all of you want to release tention, I would like to invite you all to my hometown... Will you??

what I feel right now........

Hmmm... I feel really....I don't know what I fell right now actually.. I mean no feel... I think this week is my terrible experience... Many things have done that I never experted before.. All of these happened so fast.. Whatever..because now we just have a very short time in UKM.. Then, we can go home and I can go back to my Kampong.. I can enjoy my holiday as much as I can.. I want round my city with my friends whose I really miss right now especially my only best friend. I really miss my best friend right now actually. I don't know why I really miss her. Maybe I feel so sad right now. She is my best friend during I was studying at my old school. She is pretty you know. Now she is studying at UTM, Skudai in Technology Management. I don't know why all of these must be happaned although we just have a week only to go home.. Before this I think all my routine can run clearly without any problem and then I can go back home with happily.. But, I was wrong.. I don't know why??? You know what I feel??? Don't answer my questions because I just want to write on our blog only.. I don't know what I must write again, so don't take care about this.. I also think what I have written right now is just a stupid thing.. Actually, I also don't understand what I was writing......

GOOD LUCK....................our wednesday...........

CHAIYOK......! CHAIYOK.......!

I am so tired perform this drama...but I am so happy and enjoy with my cannibal...and all...very good in the drama...I hope this drama succes...and I very excited to perform in this drama...I like dance in cannibal...

dum dum..cak...tatata...


Today teacher learn about articles (a, an, the), present tense and past tense . After that, 3 pm o'clock we Group foundation 39 practise drama to DK 101. I duty take care of the light.



I'm very sorry........, because I can't attend the ptactise drama last weekand. I have a business to Kuala Lumpur.

My experience...

As i replace Sally's place today, i really understand how hard it is..i must cry as best as i can..and i'm really scare with uglier Asri's face...Arghh..i think i will have nightmare tonight..hahahaha (Asri..i'm just joking) ..but whatever how he are..i think he and his cannibal groups are really success! They can work together as a great team..i like the way how they works...

To the tarzan,your voice really have a great piercing voice..don't shy to show are the first best female tarzan that i had ever seem in my life. It impressed me!!

To the guys look so cute when you are dance..with the funny one song..glad to have an experience to dance with you guys..

And to the also the best..although we have a lot of barrier in making this drama before this..we had managed it with patiently..good luck guys!
Hope we can be the best team performer...


I am from cannibal group...I like with this happy..enjoy...

I agree with you hanafi....this dialogue very interesting...


"I'm not scare of you"

"All cannibal.. lets celebrate"

"how dare you touch me"

"Chief.. I don't have energy"

"super power!!!"

and the most popular dialogue in foundation39 is:



i so tired waiting for our drama...... we also tired to practices for our drama....
and i very excited to act my actor as cannibal.....i hope everything became good for our drama all my friends.. do the best for our drama....

I was feeling frustrated!!!!!!!!!!

today, i think our drama practise is not really good like before. before, saadah and i (as narrator) read the teks very clear, but the original teks has with sa'adah was disappeared. when we're reading the new skrip, our lecturer, miss hafsa said this skrip very short and to be different from character was acting. so, i'm feeling frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but, we're got back the original skrip. in this moment, i would like to thank to nazree because he help both of we to do the new skrip even this skrip different from provided that (skrip that i and saadah was reading during our practise drama).thank to him......

to saadah.....
i hope both of we can do the best as "Narrator" in this drama. even, we cannot to stay over the main stage.very sad.....huhuhu

to all my friends....
do the best for our drama set okey!!!!

i hope, definitely our set can conquer all the prizes has to offer in this competition..
chaiyok2...good luck everybody........

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Tokyo City Hall

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building ( Tōkyō Tochōsha?), (also referred to as Tokyo City Hall, or Tochō ( for short) is the building which houses the headquarters of the Tokyo local government; this comprises not only the 23 wards, but also the cities, towns and villages that make up Tokyo as a whole.
Located in
Shinjuku, it held title of the tallest building (by roof height) in Tokyo, at 243 meters (799 feet), from 1991 until late 2006, when it surrendered its title upon the completion of Midtown Tower. The two top-floor panoramic observation decks are free of charge to the public and contain many gift shops. They are open till 11 pm on weekdays. Use of cameras is permitted, but tripods are forbidden.
The building consists of a complex of three structures each taking up a city block. The tallest and most prominent of the three is Tokyo Metropolitan Main building No.1, a tower 48 stories tall that splits into two sections at the 33rd floor. The building also has three levels below ground. The design of the building (which was supposed to look like a computer chip), by architect
Kenzo Tange (and associates), has many symbolic touches, most notably the aforementioned split which re-creates the look of a Gothic cathedral

personally ohh my friends.......

i'm so tired waiting for you all, you know??? if we us can co-operation i think everything can be easy... but you see what happened today? if each person can co-operation especially your time..
please be punctual!!!!
is so suffering wait somebody you know? i think everyone thinking as for me. am i right?
why you late? if you give me reason you have a big problem...
then you think i don't have any problem????

i know become a leader is no easy...... please! if you talk you must do it
you think, if you do it like that someone want to follow you as a leader?
and one more think for your information what i learn as a leader we can't blame someone in front to public. you know why? because you will be spirit fall someone....

hopefully, i'm so sorry for everything...
and i hope we us can change mindset and bad attitude if we want to successful life..
that all, thanks a lot my friends.


computer technology

Friday, 13 June 2008

Due date for Poster Presentation

Salam all.. just wanna inform that, ur presentation for poster will be on monday (16/ 6/08). for those who are still having difficulties with getting information or getting it done, u may reach me at 019 379 5009. we can arrange for your presentation at different time. plz.. print it in A1 as sample posted at the ppu notice board.


Wednesday, 11 June 2008

happy with my friends

I'm so happy see my friends that acting in drama class. Hope all of you can be a good actor one day..hahaha.To Diang, don't shy when you act as a Tarzan..


Hi guys....
I want to tell to you all about the drama...
This night, we have are drama performance and to all actor and narrator please do the best.
Please come every body for at night. Teamwork please...
We start at 8.00pm at our class..
Thank you..

To Miss Hafsa again

I want to ask you something about he drama scrip. In second scene, "Amar: Are we already dying?", is that is the right sentence? I remember that you said -ing is used when it's in progress. In that sentence, he think that he already pass away. All of my class mate said there is no mistake at all in that sentence. So, please say to me that i was wrong, and there the right one. You already read that scrip right?

After that, if you free tonight, can you join us in practice at 8 p.m.?That really help us. Without you, there is no fun at all.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

to miss hafsa

i just to say...
in thursday 12/06/08, we have a Quiz lab at siber TSL at 3.00 until 5.00 pm..
so we not need go to quiz lab ??? I don't understand...


miss Hafsa said:

ok my friends, lets performent the best drama.. we are the champion

Rehearsal for class dramma!

assalamualikum and greetings!

please be informed that, we are going have dramma rehersal performance by this Thursday 12/ 6 /08 , 3 to 4 pm and the final will be on 18 of June, 2:00 pm to 5 : 00 pm. you are given 20 to 30 mins only. So, plz try to use time wisely.

Someone famous said 'people never plan to fail, they just fail to plan'.


Mis Hafsa


actually, I want to say TQ to Muhammad because already edit about the scrip drama. TQ...
Also, to anybody in SET 39 please come at this night because we have are drama practice. Please tell your friend about that. In addition, please take a new scrip drama in the blog and photostat for yours own.

Thank you...

Sorie Class

Sorie because absent this day class. I woke up late today, maybe cause by i'm so tired. For miss Hafsa and girl in our class, i know you miss me, and i'm miss you all too.

All My Friends Please Read This!!!

I've already edit our script drama.....So I hope you all enjoy our new script drama!!!!

To all my best for our class drama!!!!!


The Journey Beside The Games (scene 5) edit

SCENE 5 (The Ending)

Narrator: After all is going good, Matt and Tarzan were fallen in love and Matt decide to marry Tarzan as soon as possible. So, all Matt and Tarzan friends are happy and they sing song together.

Matt: Tarzan...oppss.... start from today can I call you honey?

Tarzan : yeah...sure whatever you say.....

Matt: Ohhh...Honey...will you.......

Narrator: Suddenly, the Cannibal tribe was ambush their wedding and caught Matt and Tarzan but all Matt and Tarzan friends can do anything to protect them. The Cannibal tribe bring away Matt and Tarzan to their village.

Chief Cannibal: both of you are going to my hand....hahahhaha...nobody can save you now!!!!

Tarzan: I not scare with you....!!! if you a man fight me one by one!!!

Chief Cannibal: before you die.... I want to settle your boyfriend first!!!!....sergeant!!!

Sergeant Cannibal: yes Chief!!!

Chief Cannibal: bring Tarzan boyfriend to “Settle Room”....right now!!!
Sergeant Cannibal: yes Chief!!!

Narrator: then, Matt was bring to the “Settle Room” and Matt was been settle by all Cannibal in front of Tarzan. After, Tarzan see her boyfriend in Settle Room, she was comma.

Chief Cannibal:’s so delicious.....foodd.....hahahaha

Sergeant Cannibal: Chief, I’ve don’t have a what should I do?

Chief Cannibal: ooo...don’t worry drink this....SUPER POWER!!!

Sergeant Cannibal: ahaa....woooww I feel so strong now!!!

Matt:arghhh.......don’t eat me(2x)

Narrator: Then Matt friends quickly go to him to find out what is happen to Matt....
All: What happen to you Matt?

Matt: I’ve a bad....dream!!! In my dream I saw Tarzan and Cannibals!!!!

Narrator: Then Matt realizes that it is just his BAD DREAM but then he sees an origin people across their camp and smile to him.........(Playing music Xfiles)